woensdag 20 april 2011

My Island

This next assignment was about making an interactive island. I found this an awsome thing to as i could let my fantasy run loose. I chose for a golem, he can walk on land or through water is big and strong and can carry a castle on it's back. What's not to like of a concept like that. So here are the next sketches hope you enjoy.

I have already talked to the teachers about this one. I should have kept some space on the shoulders cause indeed he did loose the form he had in the beginning it's a shame. But I'm planning to remake this in the vacation because i want to use it for my portfolio.
PVS 24

So after a long time of absentise I will try putting more on the blog. I have to catch up with the other to PVS's but I assume that they will be on the blog after the next vacation.

I'll start with the assignment. We had to draw 2 infographics, 3 illustrations for a newspaper and an interactive island.

I'll start with the 2 infographics. I havent scanned the paper scetches for this assignment so you'll have to do with the final of wip-foto's.

Well first infographic is about pirates in somalie and you have to show the danger zone, some money expensses and what actions the are going to take against the pirates.

The second Infographic is about how much energy surtain products use and how much they will cost you in a year. I found this one to be quite funny to do ceartainly because i dont work allot witch illustrator and this one came out great.

Now we go to the illustrations. Of the 3 we had to make I will only show 2. These were also the 2 best of the 3. Ill start wit the illustration for weed. We got the article about weed and had to make up what we thought it was telling us and make an illustration based on that. I thought that the article told more of controlling weed and more security for it. So I drew a weed plant under constant surveillance. As if it were to be controled from the moment it was made.

The next illustration was about the addiction called facebook twitter and other social feeds. As i in the previous we got an article and had to make an illustration. 

With some colorbalance...:

And i will post my island as soon as possible. And hope you enjoyed my art. Thanks for the watch.

dinsdag 25 januari 2011

PVS 23 Sketches

Graphic novel sketches

Subject: Commander Shepard, Races and Reaper

As I may have mentioned i would post sketches. These are the first of their kind and there will be more to come. Some sketches will be used other may not. Some are used as experiments or practice. Others on the other hand will be used in the Graphic Novel.

I thought it would be easier to put all the scetches of one theme togheter so it can be seen as a whole. And that is why the following pictures are devided in Commander Shepard sketches, Different species sketches and finally the Reaper sketches. I will try to give a small introduction to what everything is. Hope you enjoy the work and if you have any thoughts or opinions on my work feel free to comment me and I'll try to think about is.

Commander Shepard

As the Hero of the story it was hard to try and portrait him in a way to be could still be recognizible but still be in my style. I tried to portrait him in alot of different ways. But the commander Shepard on the right is then one I chose.


I tried to draw a couple of races which I thought could be used or would be fun to draw. Some were for practice for if the need ever came to draw them I would have them at hand. I may do some more of them if there is time left seeing as I enjoyed trying to make adjustments to them so I could make them more something of my own. The races will be described from up to down, left to right.

Upper left : The Krogan, strong species with pride. It doesn't bow to anyone, exept for the strong. If their is a saying that should fit the krogan it would be ''the strong survive and the weak suffer. Look out cause these guys are quick to anger and will hunt for blood. And can live thousands of years.

Upper right : The Turians, are the military species of the council. Are also a species that works on a system based upon honor and respect. There is only excist disipline and order in turian galexy. Have had a bad start with the humans seeming as they were involved in the ''first contact war'' against the humans. Are also one of the council species.

Downwards left : The Asari, the first to discover the Citedal, and first to starting the Council together with the Salarians. Is a species that only exist out of woman. Though they are possible to mate with every species. What happens is there genetic code is put into the child meaning it wil have the character of the the other species but will look just like every Asari. Asari areknow to mostly be ''dancers'' but as they journey through life they mature. Like krogan Asari live for thousands of years, though as the mature they are expected to share there wisdom with followers or become advisors for there people.

Downwards right : The Salarians, the Co-founders of the council and also one of the council spicies.They are seen as one of the smartest spicies. But are also short lived. Most Salarians do not get over the bridge of 40. That may also be why the rush everything. They talk fast, think fast, eat fast and even their emotions are experienced faster than any other species.


The reapers are a non organic nor mechanic being. It is a ship with both properties and no weakness of neiter the organics nor the mechanics. The are a species of which the origin is unknow nor is their existens ever recorded. The are thought to be made by the same creator who had build the Citedal and made the Mass Relays. Though they do follow a pattern of whiping the galaxy clean every 50.000 years. The strongest of the species is turned into on of them. This Reaper is made after human genetics as the reapers have targeted the humans as their new toy.

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

PVS 23

Graphic Novel

The next assignment was to make a Graphic novel. I started with sketches on the front and 3 pages inside. I will show the sketches with every page it belongs to. Some Hand sketches may come later on but that is because they need to be scanned.


For my Graphic Novel I chose Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 is a sci-fi fantasy. The story is of the human race who found an artifact on mars. This artifact jumped technology almost 200 years ahead. It is thanks to the info of this artifact that the human race can use a Mass Relay which in one way works like a highway and enables FTL travel (faster than light travel). Thanks to this Humans are able to expand through the galaxy.

Until the meet other species and have what is know as The first contact war. This is settled by the Council. A government made out of the council races (the strongest races formed together). The humans are offered an embassy and join the Galactic community.

It is from there that you Commander Shepard are offered a seat as a specter. The first human specter to go chase after a specter whose gone rogue. As you go after Saren (the rogue specter) it seems that he is controlled by a ship. This ship is more than it looks. It is not organic nor mechanic it is both of them. It's purpose is to activate the Citedal the seat of the council and bring back the other Reapers. It then wipes out all of the galaxy steals there technology and turns the strongest of the species into one of them.

It is then that you as Commander Shepard stop them and became the first, in the cycle that happens every 50,000 years and has done so for countless Milena, to destroy them.

After the incident you are attacked by collectors a race created to serve the reapers and create reaper ships. You die in this incident only to be declared dead and a liar by the council. saying that there are no reapers so that there is no panic. You are brought back by Cerberus a Pro-human organization that wants humanity on top of the food chain. The illusive man the boss of the organization is the one pulling strings and after 2 years brings you back to investigate the collectors. As since your dead entire human colonies are disappearing. millions of people gone without a trace.

You find out that the council does not want you in their turf. And you have to act as a criminal to reach your goal. You find out the Collectors are targeting humans and using them as substances for the new human reaper ship. And this will go on until you decide that you will stop the, for humanity, for every species in the galaxy.

As you go to the collector base and destroy everything in site it is only later that you find out that The collector unleash hell upon the galaxy. Releasing the Reapers from their dormant sleep on the edge of the galaxy. As the move on with the milky-way in sight. Only one man can stop them.

These are some sketches of the front cover:

woensdag 19 januari 2011

PVS 22 Kijkdoos


Voor dit opdracht moesten we een kijkdoos maken waarin je een park moest verzinnen voor kinderen. In dit geval had ik een wat donkere bos gemaakt waar in een monster en een schatkist zich bevind. Ik heb geprobeert om te werken met licht val zodat het lijkt oop een doos.

PVS 22 Mattepaintings


We moesten 3 afbeeldingen waarin Rotterdam wordt verwoest. ik koos voor Woestijn, Tsunami en een nieuwe Ice age.

PVS 22 Ruine


We moesten een object kiezen waarin we een veroudering laten zien. Zo had ik gekozen voor een aardverschuiving in een eeuwen oude samenleving. Zo heb ik de griekse tempels weergegeven na duizende jaren te zijn vergeten door de aardverschuiving die de ooit zo groote stad heeft verwoest.

PVS 22 Monument

Info graphic

We moesten een monument van de levende maken waarin het leven wordt gevierd. We moesten daarna uitleggen wat het was wat het kon en bepaalde info daarnaast weergeven.

dinsdag 7 september 2010

Foto's voor PVS21

For PVS21 we had to make a group and take pictures. These foto's had to contain pose's that are based on a theme. The theme we chose was bad guys. And so we when out making pictures with my group. My groupsmembers are Danar and Sietse.

The picuters we made that day:

The pictures we have chosen:

The foto's that we have picked as a group have bin put up on the blog as wel. Next step is making sketches.